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Some houses are bigger than they look!

Max has a problem: he’s the new kid in school, and nobody wants to be friends. Until Ran invites him home.

And that changes Max’s life.

Because Ran has a secret: his family has a time machine. And his uncle is lost somewhere in time.

So now they’re dodging wolves, a volcano, and a really upset woolly mammoth.

Can they rescue Ran’s uncle? Can they FIND Ran’s uncle?

And can they get the dinosaurs out of the house?

cover for The House at the Edge of Time


The Night City introductory discount

NightCity Until the end of January, The Night City is 99 cents!  Buy it now!  Buy it often!

The night the Bloody Mother took over, all the children in the City woke at the same instant …

Since her soldier parents went to fight in the war, Janira’s life has changed again and again. First she went to live with her grandfather in the city where her father grew up.

Then her mother was killed.

Now she sees ghosts–memories of those who lived in the City long ago.

And when she finds the piece of quartz knocked off the Dutchman’s statue on City Hall, she sees more: wolves, people from the past, magical statues.

But bad things are happening in the City.

Now Janira’s caught in a struggle between the guardians from the past who protect the City and the followers of the Bloody Mother who are trying to destroy it. The bad guys want the quartz stone that Janira found so they can control the City forever.

And they’ll do anything to get it.

Can Janira save herself and the people she cares about? Can she help the guardians? And will she ever get used to being followed by a pack of really friendly wolves?

The Night City is a middle grade adventure in a city of wonders.  It’s available from as an ebook from Kobo and Smashwords, and as an ebook and paperback from Barnes & Noble and amazon.

A bit of a hello

I write fiction, mostly for middle-grade readers.  I self-publish them, as ebooks and print on demand paperbacks.  I write slowly, but I write carefully.  And people who read my fiction seem to enjoy it.

I also research early American periodicals for children (almost 400 of them).  I’ll try not to mention them here (though they are really cool).